• Logos


    Creating personalities from graphic elements.
    Few things as important as being able to be unique and well defined.


Probably one of the most important thing about our project and often the least developed part. It is very unusual change our own logo and It is convenient to think that It has to be present today and in the future. It is very usual to be bored with our logo.

A logo should be...

In our opinion the design of a logo is closely related to the time of its creation and subsequently be updated but we believe that since its establishment must meet a minimum of basic features.

  1. 1.- Readable: Even the smallest size.
  2. 2.- Scalable: Any required size.
  3. 3.- Reproducible: Without material restrictions.
  4. 4.- Distinguishable: Both positive and negative.
  5. 5.- Memorable: to impact and do not forget.

A logo can be variable

Sometimes and according with structural features of a company the logo can be variable or a section of a graphic element higher.

Different logos for the same company

According to different activities of the same company you may have different logos with the same graphic treatment.

Analysis of typography

Every graphic element which is part of a logo has its own personality and a thorough analysis of typography is essential. Each typography and its characteristics largely determine the final outcome of our logo.

tipografias para logos

Creative variety

It is very important to have a wide range of different creations and styles to help us compare and discard the unwanted kind of creativity and close the options before deciding the final version.